It was the end of the elite netball season, some years ago and I caught up with our Head of Strength and Conditioning to tell him that I was heading overseas to Europe with my sister in the off season.

He said “Sarah, do you really think this is a good idea, you are so close to cracking a starting spot. You have an opportunity to nail your preseason training and have a break through year next season. You won’t get it done”.

I was taken back! This trainer knew me and knew my commitment to training. But he was right to question my decision. Let’s face it—travel creates some obstacles to our fitness routines. Traveling with extra workout clothes and equipment isn’t always an easy option and most people think they don’t have time for training when there’s a foreign adventures everyday.

But keeping fit on the go doesn’t have to be a chore. When I started to look at my training like a daily behaviour, it completely changed my attitude towards training, again it just goes back to organisation.

I knew the number of sessions I had to complete each week. I said to myself that no matter where I was in the world, I would still have the ability to tick off every one of these sessions and get them completed.

I also felt like I had a little voice in my head saying, Sarah prove to yourself you can do this. Don’t over complicate it!

I just needed to adjust my day and set my alarm earlier so I could squeeze in a session before the daily adventures started.

On the NETFIT APP we have created travel-friendly workouts for girls on the go! As we always tell you, these sessions are exactly like an elite netball program. We just choose what intensity we take it to.

Get Outside!

One of the best ways to explore a new city or location is by doing a run session first thing in the morning. I would get up early and find a really cool location in the heart of town. One, because I loved the buzz of a new city and secondly, I felt safe in a busy location. There are so many parks to do speed sessions.

I remember one morning looking up at the Eiffel Tower as I was doing my 30m sprints and walk backs. It was incredible!

Another morning I woke up early in Berlin in the heart of the city. I was jogging around to find a patch of grass so I could do my run sessions. I couldn’t find grass anywhere and I was so mindful of running on hard roads to avoid impact.

I finally found a strip of green grass by a road that I made my run track. I was seriously on a mission to commit to what I set out to do- even if i did look a bit silly running on a median strip by near a busy intersection. I was determined to tick off those sessions, day by day.

Once I finished the session I would take a moment to look around and think how lucky I was to be exercising while checking out the new surroundings and getting fit—all while the rest of the city sleeps.

Stay inside!

NETFIT HIIT sessions you can do anywhere anytime. As many of you will see on my instagram, I do most of my Strength and HIIT sessions in my lounge room. If you are worried about how you work out in a limited space, well the HIIT & strength sessions are your answer.

Travel the world and keep fit… Problem solved!

When I returned home from Europe I got a personal best on my yoyo test. I still have a joke with my trainer…. “ I told you so”!

SW x