I was driving home from training in Sydney Olympic Park one day and my route is normally 60 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic and/or sitting at lights along King Georges rd. the whole way back to the shire… Yes I am a shire folk (don’t judge me).

Generally on my drive I listen to radio, music, podcasts or call my mates. I am one of those annoying mates that call when I drive as it makes my trip go faster but I know annoys my mates as they have things to do with their life other than taking an hour out of their day to chit chat with me.

This day and normally everyday my chat was with one of my best mates Sarah Wall (the Founder and Director of NETFIT NETBALL).

I remember us chatting as I was driving through Wiley Park shops and we discussed how we could create a project where our love of Netball, Travel and Community were all included.

That was how NETFIT Tours was created. Our vision from the start was to create a once in a lifetime experience for young, active women with workshops and mentoring programs to ensure our community continued well after the tour.

We were throwing around different destinations, and one day an ad popped up on my Facebook. It was for a netball tournament in Los Angeles, USA around the same time we were thinking of running our 9 day Tour.

Was it Facebook listening in on our car conversations or Was it Fate? I don’t know, but I don’t care either. We decided then and there that we were going to take our first Tour over to Los Angeles, nothing like starting small.

In October 2016, NETFIT Tours conducted their first Tour over to the US of A with 20 girls aged 12-17 years of age. As we had been on many international tours before we knew the girls were going to have the best time of their lives.

NETFIT Netball Tours - netfit slider image 1

After conducting tours the following year and 68 athletes coming though our programs we are so super excited to be in the middle of selections for our upcoming 2018 Tours, Singapore in September and Los Angeles in October.

We are blown away daily from what our NETFIT Tours athletes have been able to achieve over the past couple of years, on the court, but more importantly the achievements off the court.

We have seen girls enter the program as quiet and shy and leave with a sense of what their values are and who they want to be.

If you need some GOOD VIBES and GREAT PEOPLE in your corner head to our Tours and Retreats pages and Join the NETFIT Family.