Booking your flight and instantly feeling that knot in your stomach? Rocking up to the airport 3 hours early?Stressing about the crowds at airports? Double checking your luggage and sleeping only a couple of hours the night before? Are these some of the worries and stresses you go through when travelling? ME TOO! I have always struggled with travelling as my anxiety seems to creep up and sit in my stomach from the moment I wake up on the day of travel and finally eases when I put my feet up at my destination. Over the years I have learnt different tips and travel hacks that I use to help ease the stress of travel. I wanted to share them and hopefully help anyone out there who struggles with this. Soon we will all be strolling through the airport, flicking our hair over our shoulder with not a worry in the world!

Tay’s tips for travelling with anxiety:


I will always try to exercise the morning of travel. This helps get the body moving, good endorphins flowing and heartrate up before a big day of travel. If I have an early flight and don’t have enough time I will walk around the airport as much as I can and do a few stretches before boarding the flight. Maybe next time I’ll start a NETFIT work out at the airport! Who’s going to join me?!

Pack the night before

Have everything ready to go… and I mean everything! This has helped me sleep SO much better the night before as I can see everything is packed and my clothes are laid out ready for the morning.. ahh peaceful sleep!

Early check-in

I LOVE checking-in online, it takes the stress away from lining up at the counter and watching the clock tick by even though you still have two hours before you board!


Create your own ‘travel playlist’ I love listening to ‘Ziggy Alberts’ when I’m travelling, he has such a chill vibe that reminds me of sitting by the beach and listening to the ocean. Find some songs that you love and keeps you calm. Anytime you feel stressed or that knot in your stomach is just too much to handle put on your travel playlist and close your eyes.

Take a hand bag

Always have a bag that is easy for you to quickly grab things out of! If I take a backpack I feel like I’m constantly pulling it off, placing it on the ground and searching forever to find my charger, passport or toiletry bag. I love travelling with my big handbag that fits everything I need for the plane and see all of my things right there…lifesaver!

Travel with your friends

If you can, travel with a group of friends! I always find this eases my stress as most of the time I’m chatting with them about our trip and not even thinking about anything else! I find travelling with our NETFIT Tours group helps a lot! Everyone is SO excited, the vibe is high and energy is flowing! All I can think about is the trip to come and how excited I am to travel with such a great group of girls.

Everything will be okay

Remind yourself that no matter what happens everything will be okay and always remember the reasons why you’re travelling…because you love it! Think about the amazing experiences you are going to encounter, the people you will meet, the food you are going to eat or even the time you will spend beside the pool just relaxing. I will always remind myself just how lucky we are to travel this amazing world and see some pretty special things along the way.

I hope this helps for my fellow ‘worried travellers’ out there, remember to appreciate the whole experience and think about the incredible adventures and memories travelling this beautiful world gives us.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”


Tay X