Whether we are off for a relaxing holiday or an exploring holiday, we always crave one thing… SMOOTHIES!  We have explored the world and sometimes it’s hard to replicate the local Aussie produce. We have found some gems that we think you may like from all around the world. LA BUTCHERS DAUGHTER From juices, to coffee and of course smoothies, if you’re looking for an amazing smoothie to cool you down a quench your thirst, Read More
When my best friend sent me a link to the Netfit retreat and I spontaneously booked flights to Bali from the UK four days before departure, friends wondered what on earth I was doing. When I arrived and was surrounded by a group of Aussies younger and fitter than I am, I must admit I had a moment when I then thought maybe they were right! Aside from the draw of two elite netballers, I Read More
I was driving home from training in Sydney Olympic Park one day and my route is normally 60 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic and/or sitting at lights along King Georges rd. the whole way back to the shire… Yes I am a shire folk (don’t judge me). Generally on my drive I listen to radio, music, podcasts or call my mates. I am one of those annoying mates that call when I drive as Read More
  When travelling around the world it is essential to pack your necessities in your carry-on luggage. Whether we are travelling to Singapore (9hr) to Europe (24+ hours) , I have conquered the carry on luggage must haves! Firstly lets get out of the way all of the obvious necessities. Passport or ID Wallet with your travel cards Phone and travel sim Laptop- if you’re a nerd like me Wireless headphones My “MUST HAVES” are: Read More
The 5 Hottest Workouts in New York City – Sarah Wall   New Yorkers go all out when it comes to fitness! This is why I love the Big Apple. There are boutique studios thriving with so many creative ways to get people moving! The enormous energy that gets under your skin when you step foot in Manhattan is something that every girl needs to experience. If getting active, eating clean and a vibing social Read More