Booking your flight and instantly feeling that knot in your stomach? Rocking up to the airport 3 hours early?Stressing about the crowds at airports? Double checking your luggage and sleeping only a couple of hours the night before? Are these some of the worries and stresses you go through when travelling? ME TOO! I have always struggled with travelling as my anxiety seems to creep up and sit in my stomach from the moment IRead More
Sarah’s recent travels to Brunei caught the eye and attention of all of us back home after watching her Instagram stories. Many of us had never heard of this place before but after hearing and seeing what a beautiful part of the world Sarah was in and the smiling faces of the locals, we just had to find out more about this amazing place. Welcome to the Abode of Peace, our beautiful country Brunei Darussalam!Read More
A day with Tay in LA Ever wanted to know what a day is like on our LA NETFIT Tour? Well the SECRETS OUT! This is how we bring our spark on tour and live like LA locals. 7:00AM: Breakfast time The girls rush into Mumma Mel’s room for some delicious overnight oats and fuel up for a very exciting day ahead. 8:00AM: Time to hit the court Today the girls are on court with Sarah andRead More
Bali is starting to become the ultimate foodie heaven! It covers it all from funky little cafes right up to high end dining and everything in-between. Who else would we ask for their favourite Bali foodie spots other than our amazing Chef, Carmie. We are lucky enough to have Carmie on our Bali retreats as our private Chef and she cooks up an absolute storm! Just ask us about her famous ‘Spaghetti Aglio E Oili’Read More
It was the end of the elite netball season, some years ago and I caught up with our Head of Strength and Conditioning to tell him that I was heading overseas to Europe with my sister in the off season. He said “Sarah, do you really think this is a good idea, you are so close to cracking a starting spot. You have an opportunity to nail your preseason training and have a break throughRead More