“A good criterion for measuring success in life is the number of people you have made happy.”


NETFIT TOURS is a global travel community created to inspire, connect, educate and empower travellers around the world.

Founded by Kimberlee Green and Sarah Wall, NETFIT Tours aims to not only provide travel inspiration but to encourage a platform where everyone feels connected and motivated to keep moving and tackle anything in life that is thrown at them.

Both Sarah and Kim are Elite netballers and have always loved travelling on tour, training in different parts of the world and connecting with like-minded people and have created Travel experiences that aim to provide a once in a lifetime experience with many of the tours having exclusive workouts, Elite athletes, coaches or trainers and international matches.

An infectious case of wanderlust. That’s us at NETFIT Tours!

NETFIT Tours was founded in 2015 and have seen us travel all around the world and across Australia. Our International Travel has included Los Angeles, Hawaii, Singapore and Bali.

We are modest but we are proud because NETFIT Netball is built upon pillars of talent, from the team to our network of influencers, organisers and partners. It’s a beautiful network of exclusive excellence, without the ego and plenty of spark.