A day with Tay in LA

Ever wanted to know what a day is like on our LA NETFIT Tour? Well the SECRETS OUT! This is how we bring our spark on tour and live like LA locals.

7:00AM: Breakfast time

The girls rush into Mumma Mel’s room for some delicious overnight oats and fuel up for a very exciting day ahead.

8:00AM: Time to hit the court

Today the girls are on court with Sarah and Kim.The music is pumping, vibes are high and the girls are raring to go. The girls will be focusing on skills and performing under fatigue.

9:30AM: Pool recovery

After a big session, it’s time to hit the pool for some recovery with Tay. The girls go through some stretches, movements and flush out the legs to make sure their bodies are ready to take on the week.

10:00AM: Day out

It’s time to pile into the NETFIT vans, get the tunes pumping and camera’s out because we are about to live like LA locals. Our first stop is Starbucks, of course! The hot order from girls is the ‘Hibiscus shaken iced lemonade tea’. Next, the girls jump back into the vans and we are off to do a very exciting workout.

12:00PM: Clip in your cycling shoes girls, we are about to do a ‘SOUL CYCLE’ workout.

Soul Cycle is one of LA’s hottest spin classes with a twist. It’s upbeat, inspiring and their motivational instructors take us through a 45min workout like no other! We sweat like crazy, push our limits and cycle our little hearts out through different music, movements and challenges. The class is not only a physical and upbeat cardio workout, it is all about your mind, body and soul. Finishing this class together feels like a massive achievement as we walk out of the room sharing our own experience and challenges with one another. We all gather around the big neon signs and get some awesome #instapics to share all over our socials!

1:00PM: Bike ride along Santa Monica beach

We each jump on a bike and now the NETFIT Tours crew are ready to take over the famous Santa Monica beach. We cycle along the path taking in the sights around us and the amazing people we see along our ride. We stop right at Santa Monica Pier to capture some pics and eat our lunch. On our way, back jump off our bikes and run over to the famous Santa Monica beach rings! We all take turns twisting, swinging and climbing over the outdoor workout equipment and get some pretty cool pics.

3:00PM: Back to our hotel

We head back to our hotel and pit stop along the way at Starbucks and our favourite Ralphs store to get some treats.

4:00PM: Girl time

Down time spent with our girls and facetiming with our families back home to tell them about our day so far.

6:00PM: Dinner

Mumma Mel, it’s your night off cooking because we are heading out! After all of the hard training and adventuring, it’s time to treat ourselves with ‘IN-N-OUT’ burger. The girls are SO excited because they’ve seen it on Instagram and in the movies, it’s a crime not to try one of these when you come to America and make sure you ask for everything ‘Animal style’, you will thank us later.

7:00PM: Mentoring

We all gather around in Mel’s room with our Mentoring booklets & pens listening in to Kim and Sarah begin on tonight’s topic- Confidence. Kim shares some stories and advice with the girls and then we go around the group sharing our own personal stories, advice and ideas. These nights really bring us closer together as we get to know, understand and support one another.

9:00PM: Lets get some sleep

Time to get a good night’s rest before another big and exciting day! I hear that tomorrow we have some match-play and are heading to Univseral studios…eeekk!

Tay X