When travelling around the world it is essential to pack your necessities in your carry-on luggage. Whether we are travelling to Singapore (9hr) to Europe (24+ hours) , I have conquered the carry on luggage must haves!

Firstly lets get out of the way all of the obvious necessities.

  • Passport or ID
  • Wallet with your travel cards
  • Phone and travel sim
  • Laptop- if you’re a nerd like me
  • Wireless headphones

My “MUST HAVES” are:

  1. Grab yourself some pockets
  2. The best clothing item I can recommend when you are walking around airports and in and out of customs is to grab yourself some Lululemon tights- ones with pockets. Lululemon Tights are my saving grace when travelling, they can hold you’re phone, wallet and passport whilst being stylish and comfortable a win for everyone!
    • Lululemon Tight stuff tights
    • Lululemon All the right places tights
  1. Paw Paw

Another must have on a flight, short or Long Haul. I don’t know about you but it seems as soon as I walk onto a plane my skin starts to itch, my eyes start to feel very tired and dry and my lips suffer the most.

  1. Hoodie Life!

This will change your world, Grab yourself a hoodie and when the staff on your flight decide to ramp up the aircon you have a nice warm place to relax but when the lights start to dim, but you still have that one person who sits next to you with what seems to be high beam reading light on, the hoddie can also save you and also act as a eye mask.

  1. Sleep helpers

I have many meditation Apps on my phone to keep me calm and rested throughout the flight. And by meditation, sometimes I just use rain noise to keep me chilled (who doesn’t like the sounds of rain when trying to fall asleep)

  • Rain Rain App
  • Buddify App
  • Smiling Mind App
  1. Snack it.

Yes athletes are ALWAYS thinking of when there next meal is going to come and that doesn’t stop on a flight. Some of the snacks I like to munch on are:

  • Hobs Organic Popcorn (Sea Salt)
  • Almonds
  • Pukka Green Matcha Tea (Life Changer in the Green tea world)
  • Loving Earth Organic Chocolate Almonds
  1. Empty Water bottle

Im not going to lie, I am a little obsessed with water- its really the only liquid I drink…other than Wine LOL

And airports can be a little touch and go with filled water bottles, So I always bring an empty reusable bottle. There is always somewhere to fill it up on the plane, and stops you drinking the endless amount of sugar filled soft drinks.

  1. Get Comfy!

When on Long Haul flights and you need a good sleep, best bit of advice I have been given is to prepare like you were going to go to sleep. Get into your PJ’s, brush your teeth and wash your face. Its amazing how we change our habits when we fly and expect our bodies to sleep.

8.  Earplugs

  1. And not the ones you receive on the plane! Make sure you take your time when it comes to purchasing these bad boys- It could make or break your long haul trip. I make sure I have 3 sets of ear plugs when I travel and I always use them under my wireless earphones so you get the full noise “Block out” experience.